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The Power of Goddess Archetypes

The power of the Divine Feminine permeates the magical land of the Maremma.  The Etruscan Goddesses are archetypes still dormant within the collective unconscious, but once released into consciousness, access the power of our  Magical Selves.

Menerva is the Goddess of Initiation.  During the day she manifests as the Virgin Goddess Core whose femininity manifests in total innocence as she explores the mysteries of life.  In her night aspect she is the Feminine Principal in her more terrifying and bloodthirsty form.  She is the Initiator of Mystery; the Goddess of Moon Wisdom.  Her Power Animal is the Owl. She sees in the dark and beyond illusion.  In Etruscan mythology, Menerva was the daughter of Uni and Tini.  The Spring Equinox is under Her influence.  She is the patron of artisans, and those who work with minerals.

Feronia is the Etruscan Goddess of the Wild Woods, the Savage Goddess of the West.  She incarnates “The Feminine in Expansion”.  She is the Sacred Prostitute, allowing us to channel wild primordial energies to obtain sacred order.

Uni joins the mystical triad comprised of the Goddess Menerva and the God Tinia, her husband.  Uni is the Great Mother, the patron of all women, and all mothers, both human and inhuman.

Phersipnai is the name taken on by Core once she became the betrothed of Ade, the God of Hell. She represents the wise aspect of the Goddess, and brings on us both destruction and rebirth. She is the Ancient Initiator.

Arianna is the daughter of King Minoose, the sacred queen, the High Priestess of the Labyrinth; her sacred animal is the bull.  She is also the Moon Goddess, and was honoured by the “Dance of the Threads”.

Estia is the archetype of a woman’s deep interior and spiritual centre.

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Free Healing Sessions

FROM 7 JUNE to 7 JULY 2011 – Gift healing sessions – Gift guided meditation, to be downloaded (check Media – Audio)

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Prayers and healing from Medjugorje

Maddelena’s Pilgrimage to Medjugorje will be from 1 June to 6 June 2011 Medjugorje in the ex Yugoslavia is a wondrous place visited by thousands. The supernatural visions of Divine Mother and the  “Sun Miracles”  are beyond dogma,  beyond logic. … Continue reading

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